After spending 10 long years in a cubical, i.e. 2250 days to be a bit more precise, I have resigned. So the immediate next question, where am I joining..  No where, I will begin 2016 as an unemployed man and my hands are trembling while I am saying this!!  I am taking a gap year to do something I like the most or to be more accurate, to find what I like. We (me and my wife) have booked our one way flights to Thailand with very little savings that we had and from there we begin our cycling tour around the world, i.e. stay on the road for 365 days minimum.

As for me, I’m interested in finding out what I can accomplish with the whole 168 hours available to all of us each week. Subtract sleeping hours, and you get a more realistic 98 hours a week. Subtract a Sabbath day, which we’ll look at in a moment, and you get 74 hours. That’s 74 hours, or 4,440 minutes, to fill with things you like to do.. I don’t want to waste those minutes. I want to run marathons, start businesses, build websites, write, talk with fun people, help non-profits, travel to 20 countries a year, and sometimes sleep. Have I mentioned I drink coffee? I like coffee

As I love to teach and have been doing it on and off, I will be going as a guest faculty to schools/universities and Organizations on our route. This is an opportunity to strike off my long pending item to publish my book and I will still be writing articles for ASQ, giving Webinar’s for SimpliLearn. We will be surviving 90% through the kindness of people we meet on the road and 10% by doing some odd jobs. The major expenditure for us is the visa fee (wish we had a world without borders) and the flight charges to hop continents.

The most important part of the trip I am keenly looking forward is to lead a minimalist life. We have lead a pseudo minimalistic life  for more than year and a half now in our tiny house in Hyderabad by giving up Television, Car, Bike, Cot.. etc and almost possessed stuff that would fit in  5 backpacks except furniture (a small dining table with 4 chairs). Now we are happy that we will be moving to the next level of minimalism where our stuff can easily fit into 3 backpacks plus 2 bicycles.

How difficult is this? Very tough with tons of uncertainties right from not getting the visas to running out of money and anything worse that we can think of, but on the positive side I have more time to do what I always wanted to do and If not NOW then WHEN?

We are looking forward for this trip and will keep you posted on the progress!! Thanks for all the support!!

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