About Machine Assisted Innovation Framework

Machine Assisted Innovation Framework is the process of using AI and Machine learning to transform businesses exponentially through disruptive innovation in 2 hours.

Over the last 5 years we have worked extensively in

  1. Identifying ways an AI can relate to a Strategic as well as a tactical Business problems through a set of industry standard KPI’s
  2. Mapping industry standard business process templates (Order to Cash, Procure to Pay, Lead to Order..etc) that can be customized relevant to clients business.
  3. Developing a database that contains thousands of innovations and best practices crowdsourced from various industries and domains classified by People, Process Technology and further have 100 plus sub classifications which make it easier to pick relevant lever.
  4. Stitched all of this together by developing an AI named Atheena that identifies relevant solutions to specific problems with high accuracy (93%) using complex algorithms that has been tested for 5 years.
  5. Developed simple UI?UX that lets the process owners to choose relevant solutions similar to shopping in any eCommerce portal and finally packaging it into a business transforming disruptive innovation.

We are in the process of building more intelligence into Atheena related to Arts, Manufacturing, Travel and more. We are truly automating creativity!

You can contact us if you need a workshop on Automating Creativity or access to Atheena.

How Atheena works

Frequently asked questions

Using AI and Machine learning to transform business exponentially through disruptive innovation

No, instead MAIF will to improve human creative capability by 100x.