The journey comes to an end!!

Stop Press!
After 22 countries, 46,000 km, 500 days on the road conducting 86 training & consulting assignments  and working with more than 5000 stakeholders the journey come to an end. We had so many options for the next destination, looking at the Atlantic Ocean in Portugal, we were discussing “Let’s fly to Argentina” “No, maybe start from Canada!” “Or crossing Africa” but somehow we ended up saying that we need to see our old folks and tell our stories before our next trip. So… my wife will fly to Japan to catch up the glimpse of cherry blossom and I will fly back to India to get a visa to Japan. Continue reading The journey comes to an end!!

How MURI was reduced at India’s largest hotel chain

I have been a regular customer at this hotel chain for a while now and have experienced a very minor dip in my experience but it did not bother me much as the staff know me well and my busy schedule kept me blinded from such issues until one day the director was free and we had a drink in the bar. I worked on this project with an objective to remove Muri or stress and this article was published  as a success story by ASQ Continue reading How MURI was reduced at India’s largest hotel chain

Training around the world Project


Global Management Training Vision World Map Concept

Me and My wife will be going on a Round the world bicycle tour. The mission of the project is to educate at least 100,00 people on Sustainable Quality at universities and schools among the 40 countries that I plan to ride (30,000 Km’s approx.) as shown in the tentative route map above. We pay a very high visa fee, as we need to ride 100 km a day, we will need nutritious diet, blog everyday…etc which will consume a lot of our energy and cash. You can support our ride by giving some job that can be done virtually or through donation at $15 an hour. Appreciate your support.


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