The topic given for the month of May by the ASQ CEO, Bill Troy is “What is the Future of Quality”.

Hey, I got an easy topic to write on this month . Easy, because anyone can predict anything on Quality, and everything will be wrong anyway. (The only man who usually got it right is sitting in heaven boring the hell out of God by telling him why Boeing 777 should not have outsourced in China). And if by some chance, a prediction does turn out to be right, then I can immediately add “Quality Futurist” to my LinkedIn profile. So, what’s there to lose.

Though Quality Management has been through a series of transformation over centuries, the objective has remained the same, meeting customer needs!! but it is not as simple as it sounds as the need of the customer can vary and this is where Maslow’s hierarchy comes into play. As per Maslow, the needs of any human being will fall into five levels, Physiological, Safety, Love/ Belonging, Esteem and Self-actualization and one cannot move to the next level unless the previous level has been completely fulfilled. Hence the definition of value addition depends on the level from which the customer looks at Quality.little-technology-geek-cute-young-wizard-using-tablet-computer-isolated-white-background-37253546 For example, Post World War 2 despite Japan’s ability to compete on price the substandard quality was big concern the reason Continue reading WHAT IS THE FUTURE OF QUALITY