Introduction to Brain Printing- Digitizing Creativity of Leonardo Da Vinci

We know an AI can mimic human actions but can they mimic human creativity. To be more specific can an AI mimic the creativity of someone like Leonardo Da Vinci, one of the greatest minds of human history. When we say mimicking the creativity we do not want the AI to create another replica of Mona Lisa, that would be mimicking the actions of Da Vinci but not his creativity. Instead what we need is for an AI to capture and digitize the thought process that went in creating the Mona Lisa and leverage this thought process in solving other problems, it could be business transformation. I call this process of digitizing creativity as brain printing.

This is an introduction video to Brain Printing. In this video we take Mona Lisa as an example and Digitize the Creativity of Leonardo Da Vinci by taking some of the elements from Mona Lisa and then train an AI to think like Da Vinci to solve a business problem. Isn’t it Amazing!!

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